A Minor Comparison

With the advent of Open Source systems, there is a technology boom happening all around us. How do we cope up with this technological boom? There are two ways people react to this?
1.] Be Blissfully ignorantand
2.] Try and cope up by a constant update.

I myself felt this jump of technology recently and I was blissfully ignorant of this boom myself. Why are we not in touch with technology and why are we not feeling bad about it? Right from our early days, we have been spoon fed by the education system – subjects taught in the class with one sole objective [completion of portions], uni directional assignments given [exam oriented], tets conducted [out of previous years question papers] and so on….

We have been forced to stop thinking by the education system of ours.I am talking about the majority of us here and not about the few who have broken the chains of exam oriented studies.People have lost the train of thought, and the process of thinking somewhere. We have got into this pattern of hardly attending classes, studying a week before the exams, scoring high because of the stupid repetitive nature of the question papers. We have forgotten the art of analytical thinking,the joy derived from solving problems, and researching more on subjects [many people have never felt the joy of all this,as they never had to]All we do today is mug up some portions that form part of a syllabus, which by itself we take for granted. We never for once see the whole pictureof what we are studying. Although we can conveniently excuse ourselves, by saying that it is not our fault but that of the general society, it is painful to know that we are not doing justice to the subjects.

I would like to do a comparison study here of the general education level of computer science students between American universities and of the Kerala University. The average American university student spends upto 50% of his spare time in co curricularactivities. [Spare time here defined by the timespent outside college minus average sleeping time [6 hours]]. The average trivandrum student, I have been noticing has nothing per se called cocurricular activities [again as the society does not view that such activities can go hand in hand with any studies ].

The average American student spends the remaining time to read up more on what he is being taught and further research on that. Here, we hardly have time apart from college time. I have no idea how I waste my time, but it is gone, and I am dead sure that i don’t spend half of it on studies!!.Btw, I am not saying that we don’t have a good life or anything of that sort, but this comparison, is just a piece of news as to what wecould expect from the students of these two Universities. And that includes me as well, unfortunately ;-)!

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