Early to bed, early to rise, makes man what….??

Since our early years we have been hearing this adage – “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes man healthy, wealthy and wise”. How true isit for the current generation? Most of time I find thatI am doing much better time-spending late atnight, while others areasleep… Some peaceful time for myself. I can almost feel that I can accomplishanything during this time. However, almost any time that I spend extra into the night, I have to make up time for it by biting that much into the day time. Also, everytime I supposedly “oversleep” asit is so caressingly put by my mother, it ends up in a big dispute with the bloody cliche put again into mymind. I somehow heartily disagree to that saying. Maybe out of egotistical satisfaction,but I personally do think that it is BS.

One thing I cannot do for most of time is acceptance sans proof. Maybe the scientist inside me demands the justification,or maybe it is just the way I am, I hate things left unjustified [I have always found that once u justify ur stand, nobody dares to uproot that!]. As someone rightly said,”Knowledge is POWER”. Anyhoo, so I will try and justify why I think that age old saying is BS.Before trying to scientifically justify my stand, I also want to state some minor philo here, and gain some time to think onwhat the hell I am planning to present to refute. There are many types of people in this world. People from many different countries, backgrounds and so many social differences. So if people can accept these people with their views on life, often contradictory in nature, why can’t a simple change in that saying not be acceptable? Furthermore, what proof other than fictional, states that “early to bed and early to rise” is the way it oughta be.

Scientific Research proves the fact that different people have different high times and low times. It is during these high times in a day that they are most productive. As in a day there are 24 hours, and the time period of “high time” lasts one third a day i.e. 8 hours,the possibility that a high time could actually start from any of these 24hours and end 8 hours since then. Nature itself has allowed night creatures for survival. Although for the night creatures it is more of a day constraint, I think this could suffice for proving the fact that productive hours vary for people, and the saying cannot be generalized!

Furthermore, I don’t recall exactly when, but I read an article in “Express Vibes” about the different people’s timings on sleep, and studies. That had some good stuff on this subject.. I am trying to recover the article through the web-site, but have not yet found it. But, in that they had mentioned that there is no generalized ruleas to the best time people can study. It is a matter of choice and comfort.

=>I personally feel that I can study bestfrom around 10:30 in the nite to 12:30 and then wake up and 6:30 and continue. But, that is as far as studies are concerned.

=>I feel that it is during night time [12:30 onwards that I am able to concentrate on say programming and reading [general, say fiction or something along the same t(d)rain]

=>Another thing that I have generally disagreed with is about listening to music and studying [watching TV also counts]. Here too, parents have a general fixture that if u are listening to music, then you cannot possess the concentration to study, and their arguments reach an apex when it comes to watching TV and studying. Although, both of them being electronics engineers and living in the world of multitasking computers, somehow, they cannot perceive the fact that the human brain – many times more powerful that the computer processor can also multi-task. I fail to understand the logic here as well. And indeed it is why the human brain is so powerful than a computer – the ability to process in parallel!

Enough of cribbin for the day.. I have to prepare a time-chart and prove to my parents that I would be able to handle a TIME [MBA Management studies course – prepfor CAT] and my college studies as well. Well, I guess I should be doing something to please them, coz after all they are providing me with ze moolah! So, will get back tonite with the continuous bitching on LIFE. I am thinking on something about “Dreamsand Aspirations and how Parents can easily kill both!!”

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