Symphony Over – Exams Conclude

Exams are finally over! Computer Hardware Design marked the end with a big low! I found that studying at the last minute does not help in anything but muddle up your concepts.. make it a muddy puddle!!! Often u end up thinking about something else… most ofthe time.. what plans after the exam. How many times have I thought that I would study some time before the exams and prepare myself for them? But, I have realized it time after time that I cannot keep up the resolutions…[Don’t even get mestarted on my new year resolutions….].

Well neways at the end of the xams, how do I feel. Is it elation that the exams are over and I have done fairly well or is it the feeling of good riddance hmmm… :-?.. I think apart from these two feelings there is one more at play here.. the feeling that I can get on with my daily life and stop worrying about the binary life for sometime [it is binary more or less isn’t it??? in s5].

What I feel right now is that I can get back to designing crap, playing games, gear up for a new semester… and close another chapter on the unresolved book of “Undergraduate Life!!”. Apart from that, it is back to late nights of wasting time by modifying the stylesheets of the home-page and make loads and loads of what i so caringly term “crap”.

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