Changes in Site

In the middle of studying for my C-exam, I decided, that if at all I blog, I should do so using my site and my styles. So, I decided to start working of “Blog It!! V0.1” a PHP script that will help me blog by just adding contents into a form via the net/house server. So, wish me luck and in 2-3 days, I should be able to do it! Anyhoo,I am going to stop bloggin at Tripod coz it sucks…. and it is way too complicated to actually go to Tripod, and hope that their server is not overloaded to blog!! haha. So, in 2-3 days, I should have setup my first Blog Script! Yahoo!!!. I guess I should be off now, as I have to still study and write my C-exam…:-D. So far, so good, I need to brush up on some of my FILE concepts and pointer/function concepts and I think I should be able to do fine. So long and hope to GOD that I improve my C marks this time. C is one of my fav languages and I hate to have scored low in this subject. So, lemme see if I can make an 80 and above of the 64 that I got last time. Stupid exam results came and I still have the same damn 64 in C! Boohoo!! =(!!

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