Exams Over!

Exams have concluded… I have completed the quota for this sem. Now what?? A single day into the hols has been a terrible experience so far. I am BORED beyond comprehension. I cannot even force myself to think and get started on something. Is this what happens after the xams?? There is no denying that the xams create a void after their departure, at least for me. It keeps you busy while it lasts. You would be exercising your mind continuously, if not studying, at least fretting about the xams….Your mind is being continously used. Today I dunno if it was due to nothing to door what, but found myself completely baffled with nothing to do. I was getting scared if I wasgoing to die of boredom. Coz I could NOT bring myself to do nething at all. nething that I started I would grind it to a halt in the first five mins. I could not even bring myself to sit in front of the Television, and keep staring at the box. Never thought that this would be a problem to me…. 😀 The Idiot Box was no help, so thought the IDIOT BOX with a processor would provide me with a source of refuge from the dark cloud of boredom, but that too proved futile, the computer just gave its gleeful hum and I kept staring at the screen for a full 15 mins, without not even moving the mouse. All in all, I was in a completely mental locked up state, although the day itself had some high points. My site is now registered GOOGLE, and I wanna thank all those who have visited the web-site and enabled the 400 hits since 25th November.. Thanks a lot buddies… Love y’all

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