I am Back!

Back from the pilgrimage that I took, life is taking a break as a new semester unfolds onto me. But, the exams have also shown their ugly butts and come back in the form of Lab exams. Have to start dusting my lab records [most probably give it a vacuum, to clean it off the inch thick dust that it would have already collected], and rehearsing answers for a few of the ever asked questions for the lab exams of COBOL and OOP Lab! But, then again, life was kinda getting boring neways… ;] 

Coming to some topics of the tour that I took, I came up with some qualifiers for it.. :D. Bear them
=> Eye opener
=> Interesting
=> Relaxing
=> Comforting
=> Religious

I can go on… but lemme stop. Went to the Mookambika temple, and had a darshan of the famous Devi. It is the all in one form of Lakshmi, Parvathy and Saraswathy. She is supposed to be the deity for evergreen prosperity. Prosperity and deities apart, the place itself is really cool, with lush green pastures everywhere, and a mere 42 kms below from the place where Adi Shankaracharya ever made his debut [:D]. The place is filled with disciples and being the Christmas/festive season of Sabarimala, the place was really crowded.

I was staying at a place called Bhageerathi lodge, managed by an Adiga [a temple priest] of the temple. The food was lovely, and the quarters itself cozy, although my parents thought otherwise.. ;].Coming to the topic of Adigas, they are some serious money makers. They arrange these poojas in the temple, and add service tax, god tax, special concession taxes and what not, and while you can do the same thing with some waiting yourself, these guys, allow you to enter w/o a wait, but charge you extra even for that.

Being a temple famous for its vidya pooja, I registered myself and my sis for a Vidya Pooja, my parents for a Career Pooja and my grandparents for a Arogya Pooja [;]]. This was for an evening archana, and we spent the entire evening plus a major portion of the nite in the temple. If I remember rite, from around evening 5 till around late 9:30, during which we had our dinner [simple, but really tasty food]. After that, we collected the prasaadams and thenaivedyams and returned to the room, where we slept late into the next morning.

I have to say something here about the power of belief/faith in GOD. If I remember rite, there are totally 5 instances in my life, where I have pleaded to God, for something to happen, and only when I least expected it, the clichéd ray of light has been there for me. I am NOT a religious person, and in the old ages, I would be a disgrace to the mere classification of a Brahmin. Yet, I do have faith in GOD, as an amorphous form. I don’t associate GOD, to a specific form/shape, although the existence of deities are helpful. I prefer GOD to be a super power that is beyond comprehension kinda the SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR with system = everything in existence. :-D.

Onto other things, college has started and s6 beginning with a real slow pace, although traces of s5 are still remaining in the form of lab exams. Wish me the BEST and hope that I ace the xams.

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