Phew: Mini Project Lab is OVA

Finally, the mini project lab is over and in went off quite well! One more lab to go – COBOL on the 9th..:D. Well, After that, it is going to be some serious studying/scripting. NYP Blogger will start formally on the10th. Also, I have come up with a brilliant [dunno how pragmatic] plan that will help me study.. YAY!. I am going to post Daily notes [lecture notes/assignments/tutorials] on my site so that people could actually use it! This has well two advantages.
1. I get to do some daily lessons
2. I get more traffic [hopefully notes aren’t all that crappy 😉

Well, I finally found out why my site got so much traffic. It was the trick of “Nano instructions” [thanks Dhanya Teacher]. It was only coz of that and MFCs that a good bunch of other collegers came to my site to download the damn notes. [And to think they came to check out my cool site]. If not for my wonderfully thought out design of a single page dynamic page, this would never have had registered in GOOGLE! :D. Lol.

Hmmm… other than that .. will update soon, the musings and technical writings as I have been doing some research on the tweaking of Windows XP and disabling services. Coming up with a review of “NFS Underground”, and GeForce Fx5600 graphics card!!!!

Check out for all that.. soon.. [Man, who the hell am I talking-to other than Harsh and Vedz and her mum! :D]. Nehoo, no harm in hoping that someone’s listening out there rite. 😉

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