What “Pangu” means?

My name Pangu, as christened by Gautam till today held no meaning for me unlike my actual names – <deleted> [named after <deleted>] and Ravi [named after the Surya bhagavan]. However, the name Pangu after doing a small ego search brought about some interesting queries… Delving more into the Chinese mythology, I found out that Pangu was also the creator of the Universe according to one Chinese legend. What are the odds eh!!??? Three names to me, all named after powerful, GODS!Pangu Creates!But, all “megalomania” apart, as Anju [my cousin] has so lovingly put in my guestbook, I have to pose a question that has been playing in my mind for quite sometime.Is it rite to think that you are the greatest, or taking it a slight notch down, that you are great?So far after some deep pondering on this subject, I have actually not reached a conclusion with any finality, although I rite now believe that thinking that you are great[est] is fine provided you actually do think so. What I mean is the first step to self esteem is to start thinking that you are the greatest. You don’t have to worry about any chiding comments of anyone! When YOU think that YOU are great, it is nothing but a boost to your morale. However, you should no overdo it by any extent as it is a very thin line b/w the regions of selfconfidence and over confidence.Thinking that you are great might not be anything new to anyone of us actually. Rite from day one, I have actually believed in myself that I could accomplish anything I endeavor in, provided I have the interest to pursue it. Also, I have noted that even though that you may be actually be able to actually do it, if you tend to think about urself doing it with a gusto, most probably next day you mite lose interest and drop the whole thing!

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