Sad News and Bad News

Today might be the last day in another week to come that I might be blogging. My net is being snatched away from me :[[. I may have to get back to uploading stuff into the site. All my trouble for creating an online management site mite be wasted. Anyways, I am hoping that I will be able to utilize the college net services and try and update my content at least once a week.

I am now trying to earn money and rent a modem from Asianet. I would appreciate if people would approach me with any kind of help [be it buying stuff from the grocery or computer programming]. I would be more than glad to help you out, in return for cash [plz no kind, as I need to raise enuf money to pay for the rental modem that I am planning to get from Asianet].

That is if I am able to generate enuf money :[[. Anyway, am hopeful being an optimist;]. Well what else? The notes blogger is almost done. I will be uploading the lecture notes weekly. So people could check them out. Then I am coming up with a list of text books that you could really use for s6. So, going on a book hunt from tomorrow onwards.

Hmmmm… thinking about reviews and games, currently playing NFS Underground and it is a damn cool game. However, the new FIFA 2004, kinda overshadowed NFS Underground with its stupendous graphics and game-play. Guess what? You can make each player of each team while you are playing the game and Live Commentary really really gets you into the game. A must try out for any FIFA / Football fan. Will post the review by the end of this week.

Well that is all for sometime to come I guess, unless I actually go to the lab and utilize the net. with the stupid small backspace key.. :[[ Haha… aren’t I bickering a lot. Well, enuf for today. Guru logging off…..

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