Life without Net SUCKS

Woohoo, I am accessing the net from Anoop’s place coz I am practicing here for the Jugalbandi… So, thought I mite blog some misery out of my system. Trying to stealthily use the modem did not work.. :-[.. Now, I am completely out of the net. No more net until I get the net or I start visiting the college labs or Anoop’s house more often.

Well, so far so good… I am not all that desperate to go try and steal the modem again.. but I noticed that now I play more than when I was using the net. Coz, when the net was there, I used to at least learn something off Usenet and actually worked on some of the problems there although for most of the time, I had no clue what the conversation was about, but it all had to come to an abrupt end.

Nehoo,I am really really bored without the net… There is NOTHING to do other than PLAY PLAY PLAY, CODE, PLAY PLAY PLAY, CODE, SLEEP, PLAY PLAY PLAY… I think you get the point. FIFA 2004 is really keeping me busy other than college time.

Then, coming to the topic of college, S6, is really boring… the subjects are extremely interesting but boring teachers tear the beautiful, great subjects into a mundane, monotonous BS. Dunno, when these turn interesting.,.. hmmm… maybe as soon as I actually get the textbooks and start reading them. 😀

So… what else… this is cool coz I am actually able to say more…. when I am not blogging everyday… although the details of each day is missing. NOTEBLOGGER IS MADE and UPLOADED, however, have not yet started making proper notes…So what I have decided is that I will try and get online from college or from Anoop’s house once a week and post the notes.

Oh yeah.. one more thing.. people who have flat panel monitors [LCD/TFT lucky buggers] my site looks the coolest ever in the 1024*768 res for u guys. I am amazed at the clarity and the bloody superb contrast available.

WOWOWOWOWOW. Please do check out the site [whoever who come here often] in a flat panel display…

Oh yeah, almost forgot.. we would be performing [we as in band] in IIT Chennai for &qt POWERCHORDS &qt and would try and bag the wow 50,000 buck 1st prize.. Please do hope and pray for us that our bassist, Abin, is able to make the competition and we get the prize. This is a request that I want to make to all you guys who visit the site, coz sans Abin, we won’t be even able to make the competition, and w/ Abin, we sure as heaven and hell stand a wonderful chance in bagging the prizes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!!!!!!!

Well, I gotta log off now, coz I hafta continue practice. Chal then tatataa

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