Mad Dogs and Crappy OSs

Hmmm.. long time no see my precious site. Well, embrace yourselves for another shocker as my cyber absence may continue for some more time. What are the odds that the Guru mite be made to go off the web-world? Well, neways, having this abundance of the positive outlook that I usually have and pervade, I am looking forward eagerly to that day when I can get back the ADL modem that I have attached more sentiments to, than my text books even! :o.

So the Guru is not online, so what is he doing meanwhile? How is he spending his time? Do not worry people, coz the Guru has been pretty busy 😀 [No not what you are thinking] Staying offline has given me some time to attend some real good concerts [or RockShows] as they seem to be called these days. [Coming to think of it, once Riff Trip aka Rough Record – my college band] has come into being, Rock Shows seem to staged for anything and everything :D]. Anyways, coming back to the Rock Shows, they were in a simple fragment – AMAZING! Two wonderful shows performed by professional people. I enjoyed both of them.

One of them was at Nishagandhi in concurrence with the Rose Show, and the other was at Technopark for Tech-a-Break. I am now going into a minute analysis of both the shows, and will go on to describing the shows..!!!
Nishagandhi Anoop was the guy who made me come to this show, and guess what, [yeah u guessed rite] he was playing. And, oh yeah, that guy keeps getting better!!!!!!! So proud to have him in our band. You should have seen him playing that day – simply superb! Well, the show itself consisted of Rock songs, ranging from Bryan Adams numbers, leaning on to Hard Rock with Deep Purple and Dire Straits. The singer was superb, especially, for Sultans of Swing [ a Dire Straits number], which they played Ditto!

Tech-a-Break! Oh Yeah! Dig this – Mother Jane performing LIVE! Yup!, that was Technopark and boy oh boy, they just blew my minds off! If I had any superlatives for Nishagandhi, this has a spew of expletives! I mean, they were f***ing cool!!! [Pardon the language, but could not better my own superlatives]. The band had the aura, charisma, and oh yes MUSIC that could make them one of my fav bands rite now!. Please feel free to check their web-site out Mother Jane India DOT com. They performed all the songs of their album, Insane Biography, and 3-4 covers of Metallica and Iron Maiden. If ever, I wanted to see great bands performing live, my wish had been answered! Ok yaar, no, they were not Metallica live, but they were damn cool! I am now an ardent Mother Jane fan!

What really got me going about the band was the simplicity and humility of the entire band! A group of Keralites, hailing from Cochin, and Calicut, they have writ history by releasing their album last year, and winning – BEST ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR FOR ’03. Please please please I implore those of you who have not heard them, approach me and I will try and get you a copy of the album. It is defi worth listening to.

Hmm, had the first sessions of GD – Group Discussion [for the acronym illiterate], which made me really wonder as to how much I really know abt what is happening rite now, and how much importance I had given to what is happening. Yeah, I know what is gng on in Cricket, but that is not what I am talking abt. For eg, the group I was in was given the topic – Indian Bureaucracy, Boon or Bane? Now, given 15 minutes, the group was asked to discuss on this. Now, what did I do [not knowing what the hell Bureaucracy was], well basically nothing, and the GD maasha [mal] rightly judged the GD as BORING [YAWN material], Well don’t blame him, but there was a Smart Alec amongst us, talking about nepotism and red-tapism plaguing the Kerala Bureaucracy which pays Rs 120,000 cr to its employees!!! YAWN. The GD maasha should have taken my topic – Computer Games :D. would have bet the crap out of the GD people [maybe with competition from Gautam, Shameer, and Sid]. ;]. Furthermore, GD sessions are really cool … You just need to speak your mind and stop thinking abt it as a qualifying exercise, and it would-be A-Ok!. weeellll, just waiting for the next GD session so that I can gain back some ground I lost today with the stupid Indian bureaucracy :D. Well, gotta go now, Lab is a bit interesting – gotta make some One Pass Assemblers.. So until next blog – ADIOS!!!!

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