Cloudy Moon

Hehehehe. Almost forgot, the Arts fest of college was gng on, and I took part in Poetry writing. With a crappy topic given to us, I jostled up my rusting creative nerves, and they produced something!. Well, this is all I remember from what I wrote – Read it and weep!

Sitting beside the bubbly river,
It was cold and I began to shiver.
Opened a bottle of some cheap red wine
And took a swig, although I knew it was bad for my liver.

I was not sober, and was laying beside some gobar
Oh look at the cloudy moon,
I say it looks like a buffoon

————————-[Don’t remember]
There seemed to be a red pall over my eyes,
As if the red wine was washing all my vice

I thought I grew claws, and I began to stutter
And then I thought, maybe I forgot to use the nail cutter
Why was all this happening, the wine?
If it was, then I’d kill that shopkeeper – that bloody swine

Of look at the cloudy moon,
Yeah, it still looks like a buffoon
Why do we take alcohol, its effects are weird
I know why, our senses they are cheered
There is another advantage, the alcoholics they are feared
Coz they end up sporting, a near weird beard

Oh Look at the cloudy moon!
Whoa!, it does not look like a buffoon

The effects of alcohol was taking its toll
Without moving, I took a stroll
My friend asks me, what is up w/ me and alcohol
I walked zigzag and I took a fall

This, reminds of Black and White
A game, in which your ape can fight
And then there is RTCW, in which Anoop
Gets so scared, he forgets how to poop

I came back from the drunken trip
I woke up and I heard something rip
I tried to wake up with a flip
Ended up at the hospital on a drip

Damn you, Cloudy Moon
Why do I have to end this poem so soon

Tthank you thank you!!! Yeah I know it has nothing to do with the topic, but hey, a guy has to have some fun rite…:D

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