Vdos downloaded in Kazaa

Yeah, it is TRUE! Our video, conveniently renamed as Tribute to Metallica was downloaded in Kazaa completely! Woohoo! Had to share this news to the world. We are hoping that we get the cash prize this time – about 3000 moolahs! Well, when we thought things could not get ne better, we got an offer from Ambrosia asking us to play for Valentine’s Day. What are the odds, eh? Well, while we are thinking about whether to perform there, please do mail any songs that you would love to listen to on VALENTINE’s DAY.. at gurupanguji AT gmail DOT comOwwww.. my neck is aching! After some heavy head bangin that is, yea yeah..,again after the wonderful show. Well, nething that I talk about comes back to the show doesn’t it? well it should, coz this was our bestshow coming after CUSAT, where we only won the3rd prize? But, that started the next Heavy Metal sensation – RIFF TRIP! [will come up with a betta name..:D ;]]

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