And an Amby later!

Boohoo!.. Man, what a pathetic show we put up! We sucked downright! With no mixer and just 2 cubes, we managed to bring out some music [within quotes] It seems the highlight of the day was – Leaving on a Jet Plane. Boohoo, all the feel good factor after Ivanofest has become desperate and depressed factor! Those who missed the show, you were lucky!

Not so much for Sid though, who may have found his valentine, a Jammu guy! hehe.. well.. that is all for now, we may be playing soon for DHWANI, that is if it is there! :[. Well that is bound to be cool…. heehee…. think this way – IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA.. woohoo babey, RIFF TRIP would be back!

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