Life moves… ahead.. way ahead

Long time since I blogged! Sorry about that dear regular viewers of my blogs.. 😀 The thing was that I was a bit busy with the series and what not! Coming to the topic of exams, I got my s5 results.. I got 1009 = 84% and 1 mark.. [Actually quite a pathetic show for S5, but hey what the heck] LIFE MOVES ON and is not all that dependent on marks!

The series went off quite well with the results coming in fast actually. Already got my TC [ Theory of Computation] paper [for which I got 43 btw]. Vinod Chandra was quite on a rage after the distribution of the paper claiming that the class put on a pathetic results!

Well, back to some interesting stuff. RIFF TRIP joins hands with the CET band [esp Raju and Ibinu] and are planning to put up an uhum – Metal Show [not Rock show coz that is not what we play] for DHWANI ’04! We are gonna kick some sorry asses this time with a HEAVY [wait a minute REAL F***ing HEAVY stuff] repertoire. For starters, letz kick off with the usual Metallica list

-> For Whom the Bell Tolls
-> Wherever I May Roam
-> Fade to Black
-> Nothing Else Matters [not so sure]
-> Sad But True [oh yeah babey!]
-> Fuel 

A New entry, we are hoping we will put on is Master of Puppets [yes u heard that rite! Govindan is on a lead learning spree of the “Taliica boys]. If we play that, I am telling ya, it would be DAMN COOL!

We are also planning to increase the list by adding some IRON MAIDEN and SLAYER songs! Let us see how far that can be realised!

Neways, TIME is gng K! and I gotta attend that tomorrow following which, we decide the final list for DHWANI! Gotta meet up with Raju and Anoop and the rest tomorrow evening, and will post a follow up on the FINAL list including what the CET guys wanna play!

So out on 21st March 2004, LIVE AT CET, will be either ROUGH RECORD or SCREW-GAUGE out to ROCK YOU LIVE! Don’t miss it for the world! [and this time SAD BUT TRUE won’t be FAST!. Really heavy, but slow enough for you to taste it as long as we play…:D]

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