Long time

Interesting! After a long time, I am blogging. It is not because of a lack on interest to blog mind you, but because of some troubling technical problems regarding the availability of the modem!. 😀 Well, now that the matter has been settled at least temporarily, I am back to blogging!

It has been some troubling times in the recent past, what with the series and bunches of assignments and all the dressings related to the end of a sem! It is not yet over, for there still remain the submission of the programs for the CC lab, the remainder of the assembly language programs with the Mu P Lab! To top it all, I am under a virus attack :p. Yup, a viral fever.

Nothing new! except that I would soon be posting loads more stuff, and changing the look of the web-site! Life is still going on smoothly. Loads of stuff to do that is all. But, who ever said, that keeping yourself busy is BORING?? ;]

Adios for now!

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