Back from the Ashes

Looong time! Yes! Somehow the urge to write for me has come down.. :[ But, I am getting back to normal [or the usual abnormal self]! I have been in a state of perpetual confusion these past months deciding what to pursue after my course in Engineering, as that is coming to a close FAST! The fight b/w a course of MS in US and a pursuit of greater pay in India with an MBa had always been plaguing my mind. I may have finally found a solution. I guess I am going to give both of them a shot. Try as I might , I could not reach a conclusion to either of them. So, had to take this decision! Now, comes the tricky part as to what abt the job opportunity immediately after my B.Tech!

Hmmmm.. I have decided to bank on the job as a last resort! I will definitely decide to pursue MS/MBA given a choice than a job is what I have come up with, coz I just love studying. It really does not matter what? Furthermore, that would really keep me gng now, when it matters most, and I could slack on my studies.

S6 xams are around the corner, with the theory xams starting on the 18th and the lab xams closely following them. Should be free by June2nd week, by which time, i should have started on my main project as well get some plans gng for the completion of Industrial Training!

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