Yeah I am still alive

Hello people! Mesa here only.. Itz just that I have not been blogging for a loooooonnnggg time. Mainly coz of loads of stuff happening in my life. Guess what? I am rite now at my College CAD LAB just b4 a TCS PPT. The entire concept is that I have been BUSY!!… Forget all that.. TCS is coming around the corner and I hope that I am geared up for it. There is a PPT [Pre Placement Talk for the jingoism] on the 16th. Two levels of elimination tests – one aptitude and the other psychometry [attitude]. This is a damn cool company with a success base starting rite from the 1970s [were there computers then :-?]. Well nehooo, I hope that I get thru.. There is a possibility that it should happen. Well, about 190 people are writing andif they take say 10 => 1 in every 19 people is the statistic… Scary -YES very… but hey.. whatz life if u don’t test urself now and then.

Well, other than that there is another cool thing about TCS.. which is that they are totally into processes and ceritification and CMM into fully! Well, guess I gotta go now and set up the LCD projector and all for the jing bang. Well hopefully blog soon as I am not sure if I will be free enough to indulge into this for another week or so.. 🙂

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