Shards of Incongruency…

Yo ppl. The shards of incongruency of life hits again with my trip to Cochin. Going there to utterly confuse myself again [if I get a job at Siemens Information Systems Ltd]. So, why? I could give bogus reasons like, I feel more secure with 2 jobs in hand, or to test myself. But, frankly speaking, I have no FRICKING IDEA Also heard EKM is hep and cool and all bollocks. :p. No offense cochinites.TIME is going OK, after the first AIMCAT. The results devastating, and all the more depressing. I have an All India Rank of 950 and a centre rank of 74. Compare this to my previous performance of a centre rank of 18. 😮 Yeah I know… creeps the hell outta me andI only take comfort in the fact that this time, the number of wrong answers was the case that brought my rank down. Hari has an amazing All India Rank of 135. 😮 :-D. Something wrong with my blog page as the fonts and the buttons are not adhering to the style sheet rules. Hafta give a check on that

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