Whoa Loooong Time

What have I been up2? many may ask!! Well, not making myself useful other than rambling on and droning and thinking about Transmigrations and other weird concepts mainly coz of a feeling of uselessness pervading all around me!

Life has been quite bleak in the past week. What with the heightening of me entering a depressed mood. The week was BAD and I do mean BAD. But the end product was Ramblings of an eccentric soul Random jottings, scribbles in my notebook, of what was goin on through my mind. Although, I was not trying to write a poem, rhyming and rhythm kinda makes me think, I can convert into a song. But, I enjoyed scribbling =] much much more fun that class with weird encodings and flow control and what not?

Ramblings of an Eccentric soul
So tired of this strife
That we call life
An aged shadow
We call a soul alongside

Caught in a myriad of blazing past
And a flash takes you into a new vast
Run Amok, you don’t give a fuck
Searching for a new place where you hafta park

A forward takes you a step back in time
Yet, a gamble, a flip of a dime
As you think of your time in this body, your life a solitary mime
And around you plays songs of a deadly rhyme

Your past period flashes in front of you
In itz blaze shows ur life in its prime
And as u spent absorbing any aberration
Not givin a thot, w/o any cognition

A notion is dancing all around me
As if trying to prewarn me
Of another lot that its found
Revving along the vast with a noiseless sound

And then I see it
As I encounter a fit
The space waiting for me
To dock and unlock, my body the key

Well.. thatz all folks :p! Please feel free to comment on this. Of course! Adios for now. Now gotta get started on reading some crappy communication and DBMS, as I am assuming a guru position again. Sonz, Lax, Sid, Sijo and Remin mite be here to be my disciples :p! naah itz b4 the series thatz why :-)!

And btw… Happy B’day India :-)!

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