Good almighty god! Imagine a situation where in you are faced with series, a name that doesn’t give the stomach a rest even in Mathematics, zero concentration on studies and no one at home to press on that incessant check on me button. Well that is  about my plight rite now.

But, does that deter me? No, I try to make the most out of everything. BLOW UP THE WORK TO FIT IN THE ALLOTTED TIME. I am as happy as happy can be hehe!

Another one bites the dust, another opportunity lost with the DNA ROCK IDOL HUNT at Cochin and Transmigration not able to attend it… and a cheeky Rubber band getting it through :'[. Honestly, I do agree that they are good at practice, regular, and much more focused than us, but my sour grapes attitude makes me type this down. we have won any competition that we have played with them. Now, it makes me wonder, what the f*** are we doing? Have we lost the charm, the glut, the fire in the belly? Well, hope that something comes out of the two songs that we have been trying to pen down and get the music in? TRANSMIGRATION and THE SEVENTH BULLET. I am kind of liking the previous rambling and would modify it to make it TRANSMIGRATION.

Well, other than that, what else? I am scared stiff o my phone bills now. what with the calls to Mad [god bless her soul] hehe. Well shez off people, off to Delhi to do her AdCom specialization within an MBA degree. Woohoo, I am so happy for her. seriously, but I wonder, what the hell would I do w/o her at near reach, although shez got a mob and rite now has messaging free ;o]. Hmmm, Delhi is quite the place for da lovely mad!

Well, I better dwell on some serial and parallel communication interfaces and protocols and some Flow Control and error control for tomorrow\’s exam. Adios amigos. Shall be back soon with the scribbles of THE SEVENTH BULLET :-]. Pangs is off. Btw. the >:guru:has hosted his mobile wap site. Please feel free to check it out all ya wap ppl out there

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