Skype Me Lot!

Hey there guys! Loads of time since my last uhum blog =]. But, what to do, what with the companies coming and going and me in the CGPU, plus work on my seminar [of which I have not even decided the topic ;]], life has been quite busy in Pangu land. Anyways, what have I been doing so busy, well, basically met TONS of people, old acquaintances and new ones [well yeah guess I met a really really cool person]. Reading a book right now, I should say reading rather than devouring [Which i normally do], and the surprising part is, itz a PG Wodehouse that I am reading and not gobbling. Yup, well guess what, U thought PG Wodehouse was only known forhis wonderful funny plots and situational comedy, try reading “LIFE AT BLANDINGS”!!! Itz amazing, there are actually passages that a romantic novel could actually bend its knees to!! =O. I know, ITZ AMAZING k!!!!

Hey, I gotta go now! So, I shall be back sooner with a new blog =]

Btw start using the Skype program, itz wonderful!! Itz the most amazing piece of s.w for net chatting with voice. and the best part is u can add it as a HTML link and have a callto to your skype. For eg SKYPE ME!

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