Independence is a concept that we have been introduced to right from our childhood. You should be independent beta, coz that feeling is amazing. In this rambling, i am basically talking about HOW WE CANNOT BE INDEPENDENT [IN TOTO] and highlight what is the independence that we have been hearing about is all about.There are many ways in which we depend on other people. We depend emotionally on some people – e.g. our family, our special someone of the opposite sex. we depend on people for our basic needs – e.g. ma’s cooking, PTS [Public Transportation System], Oil companies to fill our gas ;o]. So you see, independence is a not a pretty straightlaced concept . You can never, reach a point of complete absolute freedom, coz the amount of indirect dependence that you have is preponderous and mindboggling. I mean, I traced out a tree in which I am talking about my basic necessities – food, clothing and shelter. The first indirect dependence itself leads on to something like 50 values in the first level of the tree. =O.So, ok, we cannot be totally independent, but yes we can try and be as independent as possible, because in the end, the feeling of obligation [the less cynical mite misconstrue me here] is not all that great. I don’t want to be bound by any shackles [again, another point where I mite be strongly rebuked] of obligation. Lemme try and define this obligation that I am talking about, although I dunno if I wil be able to succeed. The things that I am going to talk about here mite be a shock for people who know me pretty well, but then, it just struck me today, when I took my baby steps into the concept of as independent as possible that I am amazed by the feeling of goodness it creates in you =].Well, essentially what made me come to this point was the dismissal of the maid\’s services in the house. Two weeks ago, the maid left. Since then, I have had to basically do all the services that I had been offered by the maid. Put in a nutshell, I took over her job. Lemme also attach at this point that, I am the LAZIEST, most disorganized person I HAVE MET [as far as maintaining the house and cleaning and arranging things are concerned], What might be visually repelling as far as order is concerned in a house, mite not even cause a flitch of my eye. Couple it with the hectic two weeks coz of well no one in the house [amma is in chennai] and the preparation for my seminar [of which I shall talk about in my next blog] – you get something that could flitch my eye ;o]. Haha YUP, today morning I got up, came to know that it was Vinayaka Chaturthi [B’day of cutey Ganesha] and playing in the spirit decided to start afresh anew – a renewed, resolute RR, you could say who DECIDED TO CLEAN THE HOUSE [=o]. An Annual process for him, where in he dumps previous year\’s books somewhere and gets ready to mess up the next year’s books, he decided to actually CLEAN HIS HOUSE. It registered WARNING BELLS IN MY HEAD TOO ;o]. Rest assured, I am not going bonkers ;o]So, with a determined mind, I picked up the broom from its place and started… Yup, dusted and swept the whole top floor of my house, swabbed it and then cleaned my computer table. at the end of it, I was TIRED, but I was contented. It was a very very nice feeling of having done something… Possibly, I experienced what is rightly said – the simple pleasures of life. I was really happy. had this gleam in my eye – although I had to take a bath again coz of the accumulated dust on my body.Then, right after, I washed my clothes and then cleaned the dishes too [all piled up for a WEEK] ;o]. Yup, the change was radical. The shock a bit too much for my sweet grandma who came upstairs planning to clean up the place herself – today being Vinayaka Chaturthi.So, here I am talking about independence. Why? COz, I think if I really wanna, I can be independent, i mean I WAS INDEPENDENT, b4 I retired into the rut of dependence. Since my 3rd standard, I could remember me ironing my own clothes, polishing my own shoes and Roh’s. Cleaming my canvas shoes, whitening them. Then, later, I enjoyed being served. [I do even now]. ;o] The thing is that, this was a test for myself if I can get into the side groove of independence and to a certain level, I think I CAN.Signing off now…. Planning to read up on Some VISUAL C++ tutorials coz of the project. we hafta start working on a plan asap. VC’s orders. So till next rambling….

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