This is a dump of whatever I had written up until 13th December, 2004! Not finding time to actually sort, it’s a dump!!! 

Well, I just tried out the Blogger Web App, and i must say, what a seamless integration into my site! It works well for a change in my blog template. So, i am gonna stick with it for sometime until, I am done with my CMS 🙂

So check out here for my blogs until I say come back ova here

Yup! I did it! The new layout is done, and work on the CMS is on the way. As of now, this is the new interface to my site =). Well, don’t ya worry, I am working on converting the previous data (my blogs and musings and documents and the rest) to come into this site. Also, have to work on the CMS :). I now have finally implemented MySQL into the site, and wow, itz just WOW! =) the work is so much simpler with a database.

Well, what else? Things might be slow for the next two days, as I will also have to manage studying DBMS (Database Management System) coz I got my exam on 16th. That would be the end of the exams, and I should then devote my full time to the CMS for my site.

Things to look out for 

1.) Comments facility for each blog
2.) Links management
3.) Hopefully choosing your stylesheet, I am coming up with a logic for that =D
4.) Loads more.. 😉

Rite now, am pretty excited that i got the work done this much, coding from scratch in notepad in less that 4 hours.Well, yeah I know, I am too good hehe…. =p! So, catchya guys later…. Thisz FUN!

Well, there are some problems that i am facing with this layour, first being that it caused a problem for the 800*600 guys. =D.

They had a div align problem. well, I finally sorted it out, and then now, itz too thin for the 1024*768 guys. Now, is there someway, by which I can change the settings, based on the resolution of the incoming person…. I need time to figure it out. Planning to somehow come outta this problem… Hmmm =?!!!

The ex Pantera guitarist and heavy metal God, Dimebag Darrell was shot y’day while performing with his new band called Damageplan,. A real loss for the heavy metal world. I too mourn his death.

Those sexy leads and riffs of the hardcore Pantera would forever be indebted to his talent, and skill and creativity with the electric guitar in overdrive. May his soul RIP!

Dimebag Darrel 1966-2004………..

Well, the div alignment problem is solved. And, i can’t get the XHTML certification anyway, coz the Lycos ad bar is full of crappy mistakes. So, that solves one major issue. Now, to tackle the comments! Hmm, got a database working and now need to align comments with blogs. Thinking of using some DBMS that i studied this sem (or did not study =D). Well, anyway… off for the day. Planning to get some rest and then maybe do a bit of studying… Till then, adios. Thanks for visiting.. whoever has visited so far…

The conversion of the other data is still going on…. I will upload my previous ramblings and rantings. =). Btw, finished a book called “The Last Juror” by John Grisham. Well, it wasn’t much of a read, and I knew the story of what was gonna happen half way through. Kinda waiting for an e- version of “The Butterfly Effect” and “Da Vinci Code” to spend some quality time with books. =D. Well, so long now…

Yay!!!! The comments facility is ready and running. =) Took about two hours to figure out the logic and code, but then, the effect is good. I liked it a lot. 😉 Any comments???? =p

Now, planning on a links management app. And a calendar app so that you can directly view dates. This is finally coming up and, itz much more manageable than my previous file based CMS. I am enjoying this, more than I want to =D!

So, I was waiting and waiting for this to happen… and yes, it does happen! I was wondering, why Google had not yet come up with a local running app notification of their web-based Gmail service. Well, they finally released the Beta version of GMail Notifier. Itz a nifty utility esp for the GMail dependent and GMail checking people like me. Now, instead of me actually logging into the account everytime to check my mail, I get notification right at desktop through a system tray icon.

It will let you know about any new mail that might have reached your GMail account. Only one prob tho, you can check only one such account from your desktop =(. Well, I am yet to check its multiple user running capability… Will update this blog once I try that up! But, until then, i would make it a rather good download choice. =) …

Now, all google misses is a FAST Instant Messenger as well. =-“.. any takers people??? 😉

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