Sad coz I lost my place :-(!

Now, thanks to Vishnu >=), who pointed out that my site does not come as #1 search result for “gurupanguji” search in google anymore =((. Itz sad, coz, all the hits that i had generated so far.. GONE GONE GONE… =D Not to worry, I am gonna get that hits back, and as we rightly say – Wait, Watch and Learn (learnt that from organizing the Industrial Tour).

Hehe, well, DBMS is indeed taking its toll, coz i am staying up late reading some crap about indices and file organization (well actually interesting, but not under exam circumstances). What else? I am planning to get some cool stuff back from the old site, which I do miss for its contents, now that I can present ’em much better =D. Shall add it as an archive so that I can still visit it and marvel at what the hell i wrote off the cuff. =D.

Well, Challenge at USSWI a technical competition for college students is on the 17th and I have qualified for the
-Paper Presentation competition (presenting on NVIDIA SLI technoloy)
-Inter college tech quiz

Teams are me and sid for the paper and me and gautam for the quiz! Hope to make this a grand success, well for the money!!! An amazing Rs. 6000/- for the first prize and Rs 4000/- for the second =D. Yeaaaaahhhh hehe!!!

Started out just to get someone of our back, never knew we’d qualify for the only two competitions there was eh 😉 I like it…Well thatz all for now. Got some more ideas to implement in the site and should be on that as soon as possible after the exam. So, until next time adios admigos(gas) 😉

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