4 hours of sleep and 5000 bucks later

2-3 days ago, I receive a mail from Sabu Sir, directed at the CGPU that mentioned about a competition by US Software – title Challenge @ US – which boasted of two competitions
[] A Paper competition
[] An IT quiz competition

Well, at that point, since the DBMS was rumored to be postponed (another wonderful rumor to crap our study plans), I thought up, why not take part in this? Make it my FIRST paper presentation =D, and the IT quiz is a bonus ;-).

So, I registered myself, Sid and Gautam for the competition. The teams being, Sid and me – for the paper presentation – and Gautam and me – for the IT quiz competition! The IT quiz had an online prelims, which me and Gautam took. Sid and me had not yet decided on any topic to be presented for the presentation, especially with the suggested topics being a drag (some Bio metrics and stuff like that)! We were in half a mind to withdraw from the competition, and especially since the hope of postponement of the DBMS exam was at a wane!

On that day, in which I had to teach the monkeys: Sijo, Renjith, Sid and Remin, we decided to send an abstract anyway! Since, we are not gonna be selected, why bother ;-)!

So, the search for a topic started! We went through Intrustion Detection (=O!), Bio Metrics (=&!!) and a host of others, before my brain hit a high, and nVidia’s SLI technology cropped up into my head. Suddenly, the paper took on a new meaning for me, for I could talk on this, a subject which I really loved to rave on, and something that would put us in a better position, being armed with a host of Half Life 2 videos and tons of garbage data, which might hold only true meaning (if it does really have any) for the game oriented fps monger!

We prepared an abstract, which was wellllll – ABSTRACT! We essentially copied some stuff that sounded good from a review site, and enumerated what we would be talking about!

That evening, i got a call from Preetha (whoz a chweety btw) from US Software regarding our confirmation for the quiz, as me and Gautam qualified! (yay!!!)

That night when the guys had taken a break (gone for dinner at Ayyappan Kada), when I got another mail from Hari (at USSWI) regarding that we had qualified for the paper presentation as well. Exciting?? Well, I think so, although at that moment, we just concentrated on the goddamned DBMS exam, which did not go that well anyway! #-o!!!

Well, y’day the DBMS exam done, followed by a farewell to s7 lunch at Ariya Nivas, and a lethargic afternoon, filled with a nap, me and Sid woke up at 7pm. Well, Sid was dazed: he was like wtf??? What the hell are we going to do now? I was like chill…. Started the procedure for making the presentation, which I really pride making ;-)!!!

The process continued, and by 2:30 pm, we were finally done with the presentation filled with HL2 videos and some cool snaps and some sexy logos =)!! Well, at the end of it all, I was like: this is too much I need some sleep and we will get up by 6 and do the rest of the stuff. Meanwhile, our head was already clogged with AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering) and SFR and other crap k!

Well, i am getting tired of this typing crap, maybe sometime later I will add the rest of the details ;-)! 

The thing I needed to mention was We WON!!!!!! First PRIZE for the paper presentation and Second prize for the quiz!!!!

A net gain of 10,000 bucks by the 3 of us ;-)! Cool huh!!!

I got 5,000 bucks and hence am that much richer. I have to add some stuff that happened since we woke up and all and maybe shall add in the next blog or something. Right now I have to go and do something else coz I am getting bored of typing it all in =)!

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