Home Alone

‘Sup san niggahs, and other people 😉 (Yeah I am on a dream hoping people other than Indians are visiting my site) Heehee! =)… Well, mom is off to Chennai tomorrow at 4:45 am on the Raptisagar Express. This essentially translates to me alone upstairs. Yup, I am planning on a massive rearrangement of the room, including the computer, and the sound system and the whole works. Planning to give it a LOUNGE look ;-)!

Comfy bean bags (or the nearest replacement), Good lighting, a good air circulation arrangement of these as well. Have to arrange a bed too amongst these =D.

I had been to Thrissur on the 23rd of this month (december) to pick up Ro! The journey had its highpoint in my 3 purchases, all three of ’em low standard Indian prints of
1. Jack – the story of Jack Welch, ex CEO of GE
2. Da Vinci code – Good read, pathetic finale
3. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – the supposedly single book that’s supposed to come closest to the secret of men understanding women and women understanding women.

Finished Da Vinci Code, planning to write up a review on it, and well in sweet simple words, the book is a GOOD READ. The code is pretty simple to crack, I was able to do that =D. The historical and theological support of the story is WONDERFUL! The book is extremely intriguing, unfortunately the finale sucked big time =D.

Shall get back soon, most probs tomorrow, now gotta help mom in the final packing to be finito!

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