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Yup, we have finally got back together and started practicing for competitions again. This time, the playlist just gets better, and heavier and tougher, on all of us I guess. We have practiced and almost perfected

[1] Master of Puppets – Metallica
[2] Enter Sandman – Metallica
[3] Seek and Destroy – Metallica
[4] The Trooper – Iron Maiden
apart from the earlier songs comprising of 
[5] For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica
[6] Sad but True – Metallica
[7] Wherever I may Roam – Metallica
[8] Paranoid – Black Sabbath
[9] Patience – Guns n Roses
[10] I Hate you – Slayer

Our next competition songs are dedicated to Dime Bag Darrell, the slayer guitarist who was shot.

Well, finally we got the “fire in the belly” attitude grabbing, studying and perfecting covers, and working on our title at the same time. This time we are joined by a rhythm guitarist, something we have been missing since Louis left. Pramod, is our newest member, a die hard metal dude, and a wonderful rhythm guitarist who we truly respect. 

Now, Govindan is back to the leads, where he truly belongs =)! What else? Shall try and post some good res snaps of the band in action once the competitions start, and maybe post some home vdo snaps ;-)!! =p! 

S8 has started with a bang, altho itz really quite boring. Half the subjects aren’t assigned a prof (lecturer) yet, and the lab is kinda boring, at least the Linux part of it is…. =p! Apart from that life is k.. 

Project work starts tomorrow, the “Intelligent Browser”, I will finally find out what itz all about. I have an opportunity with TCS to do my project with them, and they pay me a stipend of Rs 7000/- per month during the project period. There are two moral aspects of it which prevent me from taking it up

[1] I have already committed to Vinod Chandra Sir, and Sid and Lax that I would do this “Intelligent Browser”
[2] Will I be forced to join TCS at the end of the project?

What really kills me is that this project is in Web app – design and development, something that really interests me =(! 

Anyway, shall see if I can do both.. Have to talk to VC about that.

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