Eons after…

“A Long Time”… sums up stuff happening in my life right now. A long time since I blogged, a long time since I did a lot more things. But, lifez cool, and getting back to the rote process of routines. [Who ever said that a routine is ‘boring’?]

If I enumerate the stuff happening in my life – 

[1]. Dishaa ’05 happened. It was a humongous success. We have finally accomplished what we set about in the first place. I would like to thank TATA Consultacy Services Ltd for their tremendous support – financially as well as morally for making Dishaa ’05 happen. I still do not understand why they gave us Rs. 1.25 lakhs, but I would like to think that well, LUCK and EFFORT was from our side :)!
[2]. We had a wonderful show in Dishaa ’05 – 14,000 watts of heavy metal played out to the crowd, and they enjoying every bit of it. I could not believe that Trivandrum actually had so many metal fans. :o!! And, what was so special about the whole show was that at the end of the show, the band was smiling – ya know that contented smile after something good has happened to you. This was very refreshing, awesome especially after a not so great show at IIT Chennai [although it was an awesome time for the whole band]. You should have seen Govndan, and Abin and Pramod, actually smiling after the show. I would give anything in this world, to see that smile again. Not only that, the best part was that, it was done with ZERO practice. We just got on the stage, did a sound check and started playing. I am soooo waiting for the DVD to come from ACV.!!!

Dishaa ’05 has come and gone, and so has Valentine’s Day. As usual, still single and wondering about what the crap I am doing in this world? I am a ROCKSTAR, I am supposed to have my “girl fans” all around flocking me. :p! 

Well, some more stuff, I just got some snaps taken of me.. I have lost 6 Kgs. running around for Dishaa ’05. Can you beleive that? 6 KILOGRAMS. :o!!! I was like WHOA. Anyway, good, now I am in 62, but I am slowly edging back to gaining weight, coz we got a new cook, and meals are on time, and I am in no mood to skip them, coz I don’t have NET connection, when I mite be boring someone to death, or killing my grey cells, with information that I gather.

Oh yeah!!! NO MORE NET people. :((!!!!!! I am grounded, and hence will not be available online, until I get the green signal from up above – Chennai that is [Mom and Dad are there]. 

What else? Dad is coming tomorrow morning [Wed] and Mom is coming day after evening [Thu]. Looking forward to them coming…. Itz gonna be a cool time. Want them to come and khilao pilao me ;-)!. Miss them kinda, but not too much, coz when they see what i have done to upstairs, they are gonna wring my neck [with LOVE and AFFECTION ofcourse].

Oh yeah, finally got in touch with mad, the monkey darling again. Still at a solid 56kgs, shez enjoying her ass off in Delhi, trying to save money apparently by not giving anyone calls. [I hear ur plight Usha Aunty]. Monkeybrain :-)! Anyway, don’t worry, I am out to pester ur brains out. I have taken some snaps of myself and guys and some of Aster’s [Anoop’s dog] and have put it up for grabs at the site. Just follow this link Snaps.

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