A phone call on the 2nd of February, changed my life in my house to a new level. The call was from Dad complaining about how I have been absolutely irresponsible, and not been communicating with dad and mom properly. Inarguably, these “accusations” led to the final conclusion of me being GROUNDED. [Whoa, thatz something new eh? :p]. Anyway, the net effect is that I have lost net connection, and my mobile privileges are hanging dangerously in the air.

The wonder of it all, somehow, is that I am striving at home. I am reading up the newspaper more, waking up quite early for my normal waking up times [Waking up by 0600, 0700 hours]. So, yeah this is weird. I am missing NET CONNECTION, there is no question on that, but yes, I am growing over it. :-D. The only bad thing is that I have some snaps that I wanted to upload into the net, but I have been unable to do that.

Well, phone usage has suddenly gone up, as rightly noted by Lax. I have been calling her up more often, and generally have been talking over the mobiles a lot more.

Finally, I got the money that Dishaa ’05 owed me, at least, I have stated the facts to the Finance Committee, and I am hoping that come Monday, I am 2190+27 bucks richer. Yeah, I am at Gautam’s place right now, coz all of us are chilling out here. Planning to go for National Treasure/Ocean’s Twelve today. Itz gonna be FUN! Well, signing off rite now. Oh yeah almost forgot, started playing Hitman Contracts coz I am THAT bored at home.

Also, started installing Visual Studio 6.0 coz I am absolutely BORED…. ;-)! Gautam’s complaining that I don’t blog this often when I did have ADL. Must agree that hez right. Never utilized it so much when u got it at ur call and beckon, 24/7….!!!

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