A Ride down memory lane

Today morning, I woke up to meet Lax at the Hanuman temple at Pangode, to get a text book on “Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing”, from which we have to write an assignment. Anyway, got ready and adorned my new pair of Parx Jeans. Its awesome btw. So, I got ready after a tiring night, coz of incessant coughing [dunno what happened, but was coughing away to glory]. So, I got dressed up and took the scooter and drove to Pangode.

Little did I know that the “Hanuman temple” was actually the small temple that I used to visit daily when I was in the old KV. This was the first KV Pangode, where I took the test with a lotta people. It brought back a flush of memories. It was really nostalgia stuck inside. I remembered the ground where we used to rush out after each class to play cricket with the exam board and paper balls, the ground where Mad cried “puru, puru” for worms, the class, where I shifted my place coz Mad sat next to me [yeah in 4th, sitting with girls was shameful :p]. Me and Mahesh sitting and bickering about girls and Ruchi and Mad [hehe, fun times], Lunch exchange, when Mahesh used to bring Lovely food and I used to take the then drab Dosas/Idli/Some rice.. and i brought in the concept of Lunch exchange, where I get his lunch and he gets mine [Hehe]. Varun bringing in Natholi fish and me putting the name fa him. How Shailesh got the name Chaala [the fish]. Ajesh getting the name of Bakreesh [after we started learning Sanskrit]. Lovely times @ Maths classes with Latha Ma’am. Social Studies – scary hour with Padma ma’am. Speaking in Hindi all the time with Archana, Jeena, N…[forgot her name]. Then, winning the school election. Yippeee, was the most popular guy in that school ;-)!

Continuing, when a pillar fell on a guy, the day I got elected as Ashoka house leader. The small yet comfy prayers at the main gate entry. The times at the FLAK CANNON in front of the school, where in we used to spend the evening after school, waiting for the seniors to get over [it was till 2:30 pm for us and till 3:30pm for the seniors]. Ajesh, Shailesh, Varun, Mahesh, Sunil and the gang all poised as soldiers ready to fire away any aircraft that comes. Hehe. 🙂

Then, came the house parties and competitions. It was fun times. Then, we moved to the new school, under the aegis of the Princi then, Dr Rahulan [he was a charmer, I still remember, mom and mad’s mom going gaga over that guy]. He was a Math PHd. from England. He was really a wonderful guy. I remember, the library reading days, where in there was a competition as to who reads the most [I used to win, no I am not bragging, coz I think mad used to tie with me]. It was FUN days. I think those are some of the most wonderful days in School. I remember Music hours, when I was made to sing to the class [i used to feel so bad those days, wasn’t so proud of my voice, and especially the days when my voice had begun to crack]. 

What else? So many things, lending cycles from the guys, once they started bringing it to school. Then riding around the school… then the visits to the army children’s house, for good food. Then ganging up and going to break Imli and Aams from the trees. So many more memories, I should probably log in the details as a separate page. Just for the heck of it. Chatting with Vedz online, so I think i betta go back and talk to her! =)!

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