Linux…. Still…. Still Still….

Looks are something that captivate you…. But, what guarantee do you have that the looks are all that is needed? I loved the look of Fedora Core 3 adorning my system. It is still adorning it. I have even modified my CSS file for this page so that it takes advanatage of some of the core Linux fonts and my page looks great if a Linux machine chugs it out as well. Yet, there is something about Linux that still DEMANDS a change. Something that CALLS OUT LOUD, and where XP kinda takes ALL THE GLORY away from FC3 – Installing, updating and managing the applications that you use. I would go to say that installing, updating and managing some of the applications in FC3 is a biiiaaatttccchhhh!

Now that I have let that emotion out, let me get back to try and install MPlayer Media Player in FC3. I have already managed to install WINE and am now able to run some of my favorite apps in XP in FC3. Long live WINE, else I would be breaking up my darling PC =D!!!

Another note log thingy. March 1st marked the beginning of the 12th CBSE Boards. All the best to the people out there. March 3rd marks the beginning of the 10th CBSE Boards. All the best to all the people in 10th. :)! March 9th marks the beginning of the 12th State (Kerala) boards. All the best to the students for that as well.

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