FC3 is slowly edging its way to become my default option in GRUB loader. Today, I managed to wreak some havoc in my system by actually installing and updating some of the apps that i generally run in an XP system =)! I have to thank Stanton-Finley for making a single stop shot for installing and configuring FC3 for ur daily user. It was AWESOME, and am really appreciating his effort to bring FC3 closer to newbies to *nix like me =)! I have enumerated the highlights of the day!

[1]. nVidia driver for FC3 – a perky little process that I enjoyed much more than the first time i tried it without any documentation. Some of the errors mentioned here, [that should cause no concern] were enough to turn my tummy around the first time. =D
[2]. Apache, PHP, MySQL
[3]. J2SE for running Azureus – the Java based client for handling torrents
[4]. Flash plugin for running Flash for FC3 and Firefox
and so on and so forth….

Things are indeed sprucing up in Linux. Now, waiting to try out some Windows based games after installing the Mozilla ActiveX Control in WINE. So are things sprucing up in the project line… 

Project finally looks up at a ray of light coming from some data on the “WebBrowser” control [an ActiveX Control] that can be embedded onto a C++ program. We are having fun now just creating a simple app with an address bar and the Control and checking out the various function interfaces that are provided by the classes of WebBrowser. More info on this can be found here

Series exams are up next week. The first series of the final semester. Hehe! Things in Engineering and winding up to an end. Can’t beleive that [uhum] 4 years are up! I remember vaguely the time table for Monday [hope this is it… have to confirm it with someone – Note to self].

March 7th – CN [FN] —– CAPP [AN]
March 9th – E-com/NC [not sure which one =D]
March 10th – PPL [FN] —– NC/E-com [AN]
March 11th – SE [FN]

Oh yeah!!! S7 results are out! Congrats is due for Venu for grabbing 77% marks in S7! This is JUST AWESOME! Amazing work Venu – KUDOS.

I am eagerly [not] awaiting the results ;-)! I will most probs know it in a day or two. Momz leaving for Chennai tomorrow.

Pardon me if I have not checked this for proper taggin, but kinda feeling really sleepy. Will try and edit this later. :)!

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