With nothing left to do in the break that I took during the course of going through “Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing” [CAPP – for the series], I decided to change the colors of the Ramblings…. Since, a lotta people wanted to go for a blue layout, I took the course that side. I was toying around with FC3, and decided to use some of the colors I found there. I made a program to tell me the pixel shade of what my mouse is pointing to, and then used it to get the shades around from FC3! So, here it is… the Fedora theme for Ramblings of an Eccentric Soul.

I also added a code snippet to help me edit my blogs later and manage them online. There were a couple of points that I noticed here – 
[1]. I NEED to get more organized about my coding practices – I went NUTS trying to go through what i had coded, i spent some time and actually commented necessary parts of the code, so that next time, I don’t spend 90% of the time bugged to death as to what the hell I coded =D!
[2]. Sans font of FC3 is absolutely rad. I made my browser spit out ONLY Sans no matter what the page is. Also added support for Sans to my page for Linux users. [Windows users still have the Verdana standard].

I still dunno what to substitute the Red in the Title bar. I am open to suggestions =) Just comment on this blog with any suggestions that you have….

Today, Mom left for Chennai. I am now back alone upstairs, although Sid is now here. He will be spending more time @ my place coz of the project =)! Went to Lax’s place after sending Mom off at the Rly Station. Sonz was also there. Had fun [also had biscuits, lime juice, jack fruit chips, Puri, tea]. Got the photostats [the sanctum sanctorum b4 any series], and now should start studying for the DAMNED series. Wish me luck.

Sem 7 results are out and I have passed in all subjects. The result generally is ok, especially for the Production people. I am eagerly [dunno for sure] awaiting my percentage. S7 was not that great, especially the preparation for the examinations. But, I badly wanna maintain my percentage. Hoping that I maintain my percentage. I am getting a deja-vu [must be coz I am feeling sleepy =D!!]. Time is about 1:40am here, and I guess I betta get back to some reading and take a nap. Tomorrow is gonna be a looong day!!!

I hope I can sleep today. Y’day was a terrible ordeal with the mosquitoes buzzing in my ear, and sucking my blood. [could sleep only by 4]. The heat is unbearable these days! Also, feel kinda hungry…I hope today is a good day [praying for 85% or more for S7 – dunno how realistic that is, but nothing wrong is hoping now is there??]

Added this set of snaps on a monkey! Really cute =) Herez a sample

More funny snaps can be got here

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