Appreciation and Opinions

Why? What is the need? Why do you expect some form of appreciation for whatever you do? Is it an unsatisfied requirement of one? Whether it be a pat in the back once in a while or a casual reference to something that you did, you feel amazing, when someone appreciates your work! Maybe, it has to with some deep psychological imbalance in my life, or maybe its just that the stuff I do is worth appreciating, I have the need to be appreciated. It not only pleases me for the moment, but makes me work harder at whatever I was doing. =)!

On a note along these lines, I sometimes ask my pals around as to what they think of something that I did, and it really pisses me off when they give a cursory glance to it and pass a chide comment on it. Why the hell do I ask them a question in the place? This is NOT for the appreciation factor. I get that enough from people [not even close to me]. I ask the question coz I care for their opinion out of the zillions of people out there. Why do I ask them specifically for an opinion? Maybe, I take it a bit too personally, but then it derides your respect for one, when they don’t respect your question…I sometimes wonder if it is just me who feels this irritation, but then I feel it a lot, and I take it personally, coz it gives me the feeling that they DO NOT respect my effort, my work, my pain [sometimes], when all I ask for is their opinion to what they think of it! Maybe, it is a release to my pent up frustration over the past days, along with the subconscious tension leading to the series [due to begin tomorrow], and maybe, I am wrong, who knows? But, then the least YOU out there can do is encourage work honestly done [not to boast | demand respect ]. It may not be expected of you as a person, but as a pal, as a close friend, I expect it out of you.

There, after saying that I am getting back to cracking my head into reading “Computer Networks” by Tenenbaum, Andrew S.

Came across an interesting read today in the form of a link to a guy doing his PhD at University of Maryland. Herez the link List of Books. It enumerates all the books used by this IIT-M undergrad pass out, whoz rite now blissfully enjoying “life @ US”!

Mera Number bhi Aaayegaa!!! =)!

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