A Boring day or was it?

Well today’s day was well… BORING [don’t tell me u were expecting something else, especially after reading the title]. Nothing much happened. It was filled with power cuts and Anoop almost screwing up Fedora in the other machine, in the morning till about evening. The only productive I did during that period was getting the UPS for the other machine. Now, it wouldn’t suffer the pain of not having power during a power cut [Good God, did i write that? I think thatz cozof reading too much of PPL Photostats].

Oh yes, PPL Photostats. Wonderful they are – the perfect example for obvious definitions and conclusions. An excerpt.. and i QUOTE –

What is dynamic type checking?
Well, its checking the type dynamically!!

Itz as obvious as they get. I think I will write a wonderful exam tomorrow for this. I am filled with DATA!!! Towards the evening, things got better with the gaming sessions for the day. Counter Strike and FIFA reigned supreme. Got screwed in FIFA by Sid. Redeemed myself in CS, even managed to kick Remin‘s butt!

Coming to think of it, the title doesn’t really fit for the evening. It was kinda good =)! Oh yeah, I know why I feel kinda low. Itz coz I gotta call Balaji from TCS tomorrow. I mite get fired upon for not talking to TCS after Dishaa ’05. But, I have a jolly good reason for that. They did NOT send a single person to see Dishaa – and the grand success that it was. I agree to the fact that they provided us with helluva lot of money [Rs. 1.25 lakhs] is NOT sixpence. But, I did expect something better. =(. Anyway, have to talk to Balaji tomorrow. Other than that, nothing much!

Almost forgot… today [March 9th] is darling Vedz’ b’day! She turns 16 today. Interestingly enough, she also has her board exam [Mathematics] today!! It is kinda weird =)! But I am sure will be a memorable experience for her. She could always say, “Hey, guess what? I had my board Math paper on the SAME day as my 16th bday!!” Weird, but nonetheless something memorable.

Well, gotta play some FIFA [somehow get a port for Fedora Core 3 of FIFA ’05]. WINE somehow craps up here. Have to check out more on that. In the Fedora front, I was working on setting up my Radio Station [yeah the “Radio Guru”] – ya know totally RJin away to glory. [Imagine the next big Internet RJ] ;-)! But unfortunately, I couldn’t get the damn sources to compile and make properly.[ yeah whatz new]!! Why does Fedora Core 3 make life so much horrible. A simple double click would have done fine. =)!. The ONE and ONLY thing not so great in Fedora Core 3. Else, I love it!! [XP still RULZ tho, is this the beginning of a polyamorous experience for me??]

17 thoughts on “A Boring day or was it?

  1. Vista, stay away from it for at least 12 months, bugs and incompatabilty problems might be soughted out by then. I have to run 2 computers now, xp for the programs that wont run on vista. Life wasn’t meant to be easy I suppose…


  2. Everybody say, “No more Vista. No more Vista. No more Vista. Linux is great. Linux is great.” Say this for about 30 minutes you will feel great and all your gloomy thoughts will disappear. 🙂


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