Limpid Pools of Solitude

>:) For those of you who don’t get that emoticon, its WICKED!!!. Yup, Finally the blog of one of the most sensible guy I have met in my life is up and running. =)! This could easily be the most sought after blog site in the future, if this guy can type what he types =)!

Yes, Harsh has got his blogspot!! Yay! Pangu’s WELCOME to Cyberspace for him. Please watch around the corner for a list of my favorites to be put up soon =)!. Planning to add this as prolly one of the first in the list. For those of you who dunno Harsh, read his first blog, and you will get a fairly good idea!

On a note, uploaded a SET of snaps from Sidz cam to the site. Most of its me :)! Working on a photo page so that you can browse much easily. As of now, its just the index to the directory. Bear with me until the photo page pops up =D!

Herez a snap o me after I pierced my ear!!

After I pierced my ear
Don’t be scared by some snaps! He He! Shall upload and organize them in the weekend!

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