What it’s got: An obsessively dreamy cab driver, a Hitman, Cool LA top views, Some dark hours, a night inside a cab, 5 hits, a shoot out, kick ass mobile phones that kinda seem to run outta battery extremely fast, a BORING cab, one absolutely weird guest star, and a part, where in you can sleep peacefully!

The Summary: Interesting, definitely a good thriller. A hitman with some amazing hits, and one timely miss

Micheal Mann’s stunning thriller has left many stunned, including me for a small amount of time. The story was amazing. The set [despite being the cliched LA], showed the eerie, dark parts of it, that epitomized and gave the whole movie a whole dark feeling [either that, or the brightness and intensity @ the theatre was too bad ;-)]. Collateral was a definite worth of Rs. 35/- that I spent today for seeing the movie. The movie had some good moments, and some crazy moments.

Collateral Poster Collateral pic

Tom Cruise plays the role of a hitman [unlike the usual All-American hero], and does it well. Stunning, in fact. The minute he arrives, the whole movie spruces up. Up until then, it was a philosophical cab driver [played by Jamie Foxx – nominated for Best Supporting Actor], preaching about taking a break to a hot shot lawyer [played by Jada Pinkett Smith, nopes no awards/nominations fa her].

Vincent [Tom Cruise] has to perform 5 hits [murders for the non-hitman world], of 5 witnesses to a federal inquiry on the eve of the trial. So, well he decides to get pally with Max [Jamie Foxx] with a gun and well gets to know him better throughout the course of the movie, helping this guy’s ass at many times. The movie is B E AUTIFUL, except for the part, when i went off to sleep. Just b4 one of the best shoot out scenes of recent times. [Naah, nothing like The Matrix still].

The attitude of Tom Cruise as a hitman and the evolution from that of a hero to that of a shady character is nothing short of BRILLIANT. Inarguably, one of Cruise’s best! Some of the scenes [Cruise shooting some petty kids with guns, was AWESOME!!!]

Vincent: Yo homie! That’s my bag u are carrying.
Kid w/ gun: So, what are u gonna do [pointing the gun @ Vincent]
Vincent [with his hands held up]: Nothing… [and something I did not get, so downloading the movies]
Kid w/ gun [moving towards Vincent]: Something incomprehensible again
BAM BAM!!! [vincent takes his gun and shoots the two of them, btw thre were 2 of them]. WOW!! not just that, he then picks up his briefcase when the kid perks up his head and BAM! [HEAD SHOT!!!]. That was just plain, simple, PHENOMENAL!!

Some rantings about the movie: The only part that Micheal Mann sorta crapped up [accoring to me], is when he decided to go with this ending. Vincent’s last hit was well Annie [surprise surprise ]. And, Max, the ever confused cabbie decides to play hero, and tries and saves Annie’s ass! Now, please note: throughout the movie, Vincent is turning out to be quite a sweet guy. I mean, flowers for Max’s mom, saved Max’s ass from the hoodlums, saved Max’s ass again @ the club shoot out, not to mention giving him some cool tips on improvising to the time. And, still, Max shoots Vincent [leading to his death]. I mean, whoa, what happened? And, any guilty feeling, any remorse on Max’s face? No? Its k, fighting for a girl, but still was kinda weird. Now, thinking about it, it wasn’t that bad. Initially, our Max the cabbie says that he wants to be the best @ what hez doin! No wonder, he became a true marksman. #-0!! Weird ending, but still, the movie was well worth the money.

It was actually superb!

S7 results are out! I got a beeping 868 [78.9%], bringing my whole aggregate down to 83.3% for my B.Tech [wail]. But, can’t complain/rant/rave and this makes me PISSED!!!!! I brought this upon myself. If I have any dreams of getting 85% aggregate @ the end of BTech. I would have to well, get something like 1139 marks out of 1200 for my final SEM!! That is depressing. F*** this! Gonna try, what the hell! Got nothing to do anyway. Still depressed nonetheless

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