Well Harsh attempted a hand in poetry… I got inspired to write a comment and came up with something impromptu.. Just put it up here as well .. ya know.. CHUMMA!!! =))

Often she passes through my gaze,
And often I dream of her face,
Coz I see it clearly even in haze,
In this life of mine, a Formula 1 Race.

The way she moves, full of grace,
The spirit in her, her dress of lace,
Amazing thoughts her face it says,
And vivid emotions that she portrays.

To see her, I wait a long time,
And while I wait, I play with a dime,
But still I think, would be a crime?
That I just sit and think, and act like a mime!

Someday soon, I will tell her this
That she makes my life, with her very existence – a bliss
And maybe I get lucky and I get a kiss
And with these ramblings, I dismiss

/:)! Naah, not feeling mushy anymore. But, well, am amazed at what crap i come up with when i let my mind wander… Hmmm how abt a poem based on that?

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