Gurupanguji @ Flickr

Well, so that I can upload the snaps and organize and share them via the web, I tried Flickr. There are some really good points about the site. At the same time, some of it SUCKS big time. Anyhoo, managed to get some snaps online. Unfortunately since I am using my own CMS for blogging, I can’t get Flickr to work to integrate with my blogger … WAIL!!! Stupidity! And a 10MB limit is just way too small. I mean come on!!


Planning to make an edit option for the comments and also make a permanent link for the blogs. I think thatz the only way I can get Google to crawl over my site more. Making it dynamic is cool, but at the same time, I forgot, SPEED!!!! Now, with the DB getting bigger and bigger, the speed is becoming slower and slower. I think I will make a script as soon as I log in on to Linux.

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