Net Disaster DOT com

Got crazy of Y! being so slow that u wanted to just blast it to smithereens?? Ever grew tired of reading my drab blog that u just wished it were hit by meteors? Ever grew so sick of that well made blog | site that u wished that like paper, it were attacked by a coffee spill?

Well your wish just came true …. =)! For your personal satisfaction, allows you to supply the link of the site u wished “disasterized” [pardon the misuse]!! You also get to choose a variety of disaster schemes from Meteor shower to Nukes and more!! A must try out!

Warning: It does NOT change the original content so the damage is only for ur pleasure [Youch!!!]. Enjoy!

P.S. For those who want this site destroyed by nuclear bombs [oh u meanies] herez the link Ramblings SHUT OUT

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