Matrix Online

Now, that the movies are over [Phew.. thank God it’s over rather than continuing stupid stories], whatz the next way for us to jack into the Matrix? Hehe, the trilogy as a whole was bad, but yeah, the first one still has everyone beating to its rhythm. Warnerbros know that, and hence, they are going to capitalize on that same emotion. Released for the PC Platform – The Matrix Online – a MMORPG [Massively Multiplayer Onling Role Playing Game for the non gamers].

I read about it by chance @ Gamespot. Apparently, it’s a pretty good game – and the best part about it – the Multiplayer open ended aspect – as in many RPGs [but Matrix is bound to have its charm rite… ]

As expected of it, Matrix builds a whole deal on the web – check out the story line. Is a pretty good read , a refresher course on The Matrix =)! Searching around the net for downloading the game. Let’s see how itz!! Btw, check out the fansite kit for some cool Matrix moolah =)! Wonderful stuff inside that kit. Planning to use some for maybe making a mock Matrix website.. Hmmm… just for fun.. Hehe. Gamespot has NOT yet released a review for the game.

Found some videos of the game =)! For those who are interested enough and can afford to download some o them, herez the link 

The Matrix Online Vdos

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