Just ramblings

For those of you who have read that title and are expecting some random words being printed out to you… well you guessed right. Just Rambling could mean a lotta things…

It could mean that I am gonna just crap out stuff.
It could mean that it is a justified set of thoughts and might also be peppered with unjust thoughts.

Well, for the moment found only two. Anyhoo, I am gonna start rhyming randomly, which is going to be absolutely boring to you [hey so far, it’s been rhyming =p]

Bored, rite now I am, am I?
So stuffed, still dreaming about a veg pie!
This is random, or is it?
Making stuff up is a talent, its implicit!
So, I read an article on Ciggies
And about a guy ranting about the big wiggies!
So what, who cares, I am me
For all I care, let the world be razed by a tsunami!!
Random thoughts, are they meaningless?
Coz the fact is they pop in when u are jobless…
Yawn, Yawn, Yawn
I am indeed waiting for the dawn.
Tired of seeing people live life as a pawn,
Coz, thankfully I am full of brain, and of course, some brawn!!
My o my, this is indeed not making any sense,
But the truth is its like a puzzle without the proper lens.
Coz, there indeed is something hidden
Something deep beneath, biding its time for now to rear its head, its forbidden…
Big deal, so what? F*** that
You are looking like a lab rat
Hey, two new kittens in the house born of a cat
They are cute, and hopefully don’t come near me feet, else they are gonna be a door mat.
Not saying that I am heavy, no way
Coz daily to lose a kilo [no, not AIDS] is what i pray
U know the sound a donkey produces is a bray
Hehe, this is French – Mon Freui [sounds Maun Frey]

Sigmund Freud… try and make sense outta that. =)! Well, I can analyze it easily and give a verdict – NONSENSE! I am so bored!!! aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh – a vent of my boredom mixed with sheer frustration – only the beautifully anti aliased “Sans” font of Linux can provide!

People… why don’t you comment on something in my site? Is it that you don’t have an opinion, or are too lazy to just post your damn opinion? I am not asking you too much am I? If I am, well I am a bit demanding. Overlook that and post on… Coz, I think I need to read something that I don’t wanna write.. I think I got a overdose of Aiche – My Minds I. I think I will post a highly technical blog next!

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