Aaaaahh Cold Days

Cold weather – I love it. It is the perfect recluse from the hot humid days. And all it speaks of is – laziness, lethargy, snuggling close to your someone in bed [or for the (un)lucky ones like me, with my blanket]. Add to it a nice book, and incessant sips of coffee, with the fans at _full blast_, life’s a bliss.

I am more the cold weather liker than the hot weather liker. I love dressing up in jackets and layers of clothing. Wow, can’t wait to feel cold weather at B’lore when I move over in July. Woohoo!! It is good for spending ur vacation in a warm climate, but not ur working hours/time. Why sweat and toil, when u can easily laze and not boil? That’s my motto.

What more? Trivandrum rite now is under rain, and that is the closest I can get to cold weather. About 19 *C [degrees Celsius], I am waiting for the end of this to lie down in bed, cover myself with a blanket, put the fans in full blast, and re read “The Eleventh Commandment” by Jeffrey Archer. Btw, just another 3 more days to go for end of “professional undergraduate education” to come to a close.

Demo week is in full flow. Last Thursday was “Counter” special, where in the guys wore mundu with a white shirt and a neriyal [Yajaman style]. The gals wore half sarees. I must say all of them looked smashing, and myself – AMAZING!

Today [Monday] was Aadivasi day. We all dressed up as Aadivaasis. Hehe, it was good. Funny. Shall post some pics as soon as I get them. Tomorrow planning on “Tsunami hit fishermen”!!

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