It’s over… finito… A reality check just hit me, and made me take stock of my life today – it was the last day of regular classes for my undergraduate studies. It’s all over. Now all that remain are a string of internal and external evaluations to get me the glorious degree. It was a pretty fun day today. Probably the most FUN day in the whole of B.Tech – I met EVERYONE today in class and said my Buh Byes [although I will be seeing all on Monday, when we have to take the impending doom, termed “series exams” – session 2]. For that matter, I will be seeing most of them tomorrow afternoon, when we have to submit the lab records for the Unix programs.

Still, the moment was savored by one and all today – in their own style. Some stood by quietly, congregated in a corner, amongst more muted concerned faces, as if facing a flashback, a flurry of scenes through the 4 years. Whilst some, were really in the moment, wanting to be in just every pic that was snapped today [me and Remin safely fall into this cat]! Unfortunately Anoop [ART] couldn’t make it coz of his cousin’s marriage in Palghat. I can’t say anything else, but DAMN I MISSED HIM TODAY! The emotions flying through the air was palpable. People, no matter, how elated they were through the day, were beginning to falter – maybe realizations hitting them like a time bomb.

As usual Choti Lax faltered and broke down first – about half an hour from 4:30pm – when the last hour of the last day ends!! It started a precisely timed detonations of emotions going through Simi, Shilpa, Aishu, Sindhu S, and so on until our baby Sonz joined in by rushing out suddenly. BOOM – it struck on her as well. The last one to be attacked by the emotions swelling up in the room was Lax. Hehe.

No matter what, I think as I sat on the desk today, it hit me as well – I am gonna miss that damned place. No matter what I say – looking forward to joining SISL, whatever. I am GONNA MISS THAT GOD FORSAKEN PLACE!!!. Say whatever – SCT is my Alma Mater. =) and now I am damned proud of sayin it as well. As Lax put it – “Now I like my class sooooooooooooooooo much”.

I am gonna miss 61 people who shared the coveted position of being the batch of 2005 with me – and GOD as my witness, I am so proud of EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. This is dedicated to them

Batch of 2005
62 they were, filled with the natural variety that u normally see
Yet, each one of them special, taking life together in pain and glee
Went through VC, they did together, and they took on Subbu as well
And the teachers they took on, they kept claiming their class was hell
But little did they know that they were in heaven
And the bearded history they have will forever remain unshaven
I am proud to say that I am from batch of 2005
Yeah people, Batch of 2005, they set the whole SCT alive
They hosted the biggest show in TVM
And set standards to everyone, they showed people how to do ’em

Well, so it has ended – the last of the regular classes for the BTech degree. Coursework completed, we trudge on for the final barricade – the final step – the culmination of 4 years in what I would say at least today – the prestigious institution of SREE CHITRA THIRUNAL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, PAPPANAMCODE, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM – damned exams yaar. Anyway we can somehow scoot that :-?!!

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