RSS Feed done

So, every blogger has an RSS feed. Why? Well, for the simple reason that it is goddamn useful to make your site popular amongst the blog “readers”. These people want to read all the updated blogs under one hood [usually a news reader or an RSS feed reader]. For e.g. I use Thunderbird for my POP mail and blog reading. =)!. The best part was that it was also useful for testing out my RSS Feeds.

The entire process was just too easy with PHP and reading the specification of RSS 0.91. Now, although this is not the “purist” way of RSSing. They latest version is RSS 2.0 and it has some real good crap. Anyway, I found that RSS 0.91 works just fine for most of the cases and is the easiest to create the XML feed for =)!.

So, what do you have to do? Just create an XML file bearing the necessary details of the title, description and link, along with the author name. This entry is added as an “item” into the XML feed sheet, and there you go. Add the initial specs and voila.

If you would like to subscribe to “Ramblings of an Eccentric Soul…”, just paste this link to your RSS feed reader !! Planning to make an RSS feed of the hookups table =)!. Now that would be interesting, adding a live bookmark of a list of bookmarks.. [Wicked laughter]!!

One thought on “RSS Feed done

  1. I am creating a system that has RSS Feed style functionality without redirecting the user. So, I am hoping that it will enable content providers to create and distribute content while reaping monetary and other benefits. My site is Do you think it has possibilities?


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