Random it is…

So, today marked the final set of stuff that we have to do with college, save for the stable University Exams. They start on the 16th of May, which essentially means that this soul has some freedom and time to kill. So, it gets time to plan things out – study the time and try and make most out of it.

This provides me with two choices actually
[] Work on a study plan so that I can meet my aim of getting 85% aggregate [i need about 1138 marks out of 1200 =))]
[] Enjoy my ass off till the penultimate week of the Uni exams, which essentially would amount to about another week of gapshap!

Anyway, today I attended the “mappila ayappu” [Tamil] – translated would mean “Welcoming the Bridegroom” in English. It was Sreeram’s elder sister’s marriage [Deepa Akka]. It was fun. The sevai provided in the evening couple with pulisheri was YUMMY!!! I am a fan of generally any cuisine – especially South Indian cuisine. I guess at this point of time, I really do prefer Dosas to Rotis. Rasam to Paneer Makhan waala. Keerai mashiyal to Palak paneer. Well, not that I don’t like the latter comparisons, but just that I am learning to enjoy what you call “home food”, “ghar ka khaana”, “veetu shaapaadu”. =)!

I have gone through various cuisine phases in my life. Junk food, and I mean REAL JUNK FOOD was a period. Then for sometime, my tongue had gone Chinese! A brief stint of North Indian cuisine followed. But, now staying for more than about 8 months or so, my “chava” for Curd Rice, and the likes.

Well, coming back to the wedding, the wedding was a pleasant occasion. More than 30 people had come for the ceremony today, with Pattu and Plumber Ayyaps practically spending the whole day there. I think Pattu even got a small ponch by the end of the day, for the sheer enormity of the food being provided to us. I savored Lemon Sevai, the Rasa Vadai – the wonderful caffeine agent – coffee =p~.

Tomorrow is the actual wedding. Shall be there most of the time enjoying and yapping away to glory. =)!

Well, I was thinking about another thing that I was talking with Gautam, well actually been thinking a lot about since the time I had the discussion with Gautam. Gautam once told me that “I don’t have principles”. Well, although his tone was one of accusation, but it did make me introspect.

The reason why he said that was because of the reason that I don’t stick to what I decided on. Well, fluttering of decisions cannot be exactly attributed to principles, although for probably humoring him I often say – yeah I agree. [Gautam might just say – “See, I told ya. You are lying. You go no principles].

But, as I think more and more about it, I realize that it can hardly be the basis of being principled or not [1], and secondly, how much do principles really matter in making you a person?

Shall write in later as I have to go and buy milk Damn! Shall try and complete it, but most probs, my train of thought would have been derailed by the time I come back!

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