Randomness – Building to chaos?

It amazes me clearly and everytime that I learn something new. Unlike other things in life, time has not rubbed its monotonous paw over “learning”. Well, I think possibly that is one of the reasons we move on, strive, and hopefully in the end thrive.

Well, anyway, was taking a look at Divya’s blog and sorta followed links at the very many names that appear with seeming regularity on her Tagboard. Well, I am envious! Her reach is simply amazing. Follow the links from that site, there is a combinatorial explosion of the number of links that you can amass to have what I would claim to be excellent reach. Pretty cool!

I was reading through The Prometheus Deception, by Ludlum. I remember two OK books by him – Cry of the Halidon, and Bourne Identity. Well, please don’t read these books, based on the other two. This one sucked BIG TIME. Although, my dad loved the book. I guess it’s what you would call a “typical thriller”. The author waving through the plot, creating many sidelines and leading the story through various waypoints, which presented in itself, might just have been many stories. I have just 1 statement about the book. Ludlum was splattering his dialogues with ambiguous emotions – a technique writers often use [and use well]. However, in this particular book, I felt that this technique was used sporadically. The effect was monotonity [is there a word like that?]! Read it, and forget it! The book is a quickie [at best].

Well, in the recent weeks, I guess I have been devouring books one after the other. It all began with The Godfather, followed by State of Fear [Crichton], A Case of Need [Crichton], Re read The Eleventh Commandment, Honor Among Thieves [Archer]. Well, itching to read more, or should that have been yearning to read more?

I _love_ books. I love curling up through the various beds, and floors through the house, switching on all the fans [and getting shouted at by Thatha]! Well, I personally prefer reading through rainy days! Fans @ FULL BLAST, a blanket over you, and a keg of pepsi and some chips to boot. Wow, the mere thought makes me extremely comfortable in spite of the pouting heat in this particular room.

It’s about 2:30am here, I thought I wouldn’t write too much, and just possibly type something to yank the attention off from needing a smoke. But, I guess that may not be answered fully! I am retiring after a drag! G’nite to me! I love you my intelligent idiot box!!!

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