Metal Truck Hits the Road

What, you ask? A Metal truck? But aren’t those already there with a lot of wood? No, I am talking about a Rock Show aboard a truck! Well, it hit Shanghumugham Beach, here in TVM on the night of the 1st of May. No, it has nothing to do with the May Day, well maybe it did, coz I saw a commie flag aboard it. But, bah humbug, who cares about the flag when you see some cool rockers, playing heavy covers like Can I Dance with Madness [Maiden].

The band callin themselves “Rage” really set the stage on fire. I mean first of all, you got this amazing setup atop two trucks! Speaker setup was just ok, as the bass was to one side connected to tweeters [gonna bash up the sounders], and to one side was a well set speaker set. I rushed to that side. But, I gotta admit, the mixing wasn’t bad at all.

So, here I am parking my two-wheeler wondering why music doesn’t come on, when I felt the tingling in my veins, as if I just had a dose of adrenaline! Kicks the familiar bass and the amazing riff that forms the beginning of “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica, one of the Transmigration regulars! So, what made it so special? Well, for starters, the lead was so clear – hehe played by none other that the guitar maestro of TVM – Desp Satriani’s idol, and to a certain degree mine too – Monseuir Nithin. As usual clad in his black on black with his black and white guitar hung near his body.

He doesn’t move about in the stage [not that there was too much space], but he was radiating attitude. Effusing bad kid vibes to the crowd. He was a sight to see. Naah not Hammet, but somewhere along the lines ;-)!.

So, there it was the guitarist starting on the riff, when you hear the rhythm kick in. Wow, the sound was truly power packed. It was the effects specialist – Sujith on the rhythm. We are not talking Riddim, but TRUE RHYTHM. Hell, the combination was deadly. With a cap on his head [worn the right way], and with a glowing violet guitar, he was forming the meat on which Nithin rides his amazing fingers to make a clear flowing lead.

Then, came in the hoarse cry, the punch, the glare! You may silence is golden. But, you don’t want this guy to be silent. Shaani was awesome with his vocals. Although he aint’ a Thash singer, he sure as hell had the attitude. “And the earth becomes my throne…” boomed his voice to perfectly match the building that Rage created.

Rage was awesome. The stage was simply stunning, although they could have taken off the weird flourescent yellow covering :D. What followed Roam, was the heaviest shit the world has seen – Master of Puppets. Although the low voltage caused some wrong tunes outta the box, coz of the idiotic Korg, for the major part it was DITTO. Hell, if the speaker s/m were a grade better, I would have thought I was back in a rock show.

Puppets was followed by Enter Sandman. I think that was one of the best Sandman covers I have seen. They should bloody make it their version. It was that damn good.

So, they decided to end it there, as Nithin was getting violent at the incessant voltage fluctuations. But, the crowd just wouldn’t let them. What followed was well….. RAGE IN ITS BEST – Can I play with Madness. The leads and vocals and the drums were holy hell!!!!

I have to mention two players in the stage who didn’t make an impact with their presence, but their skills on playing their instruments, made all the difference – Mithun [drummer] and Abu [bassist]. The bass held it all together, even when Nithin lost his cool. Blasting his long hair, trying to head bang, Abu went on to boost the crowd!! Mithun was the only guy who was absolutely quiet, yet quietly pleased with the whole show. They didn’t have much to work on – esp with NO monitoring. But, he held his steady rhythm and the cymbal work was truly inspiring, even to a drummer like Anoop! He was amazed at what mithun produced out of the 5 year old battered Yamaha set he was raising hell on, well with two broken sticks.

So, how was the show? Simply stunning! Two reasons – first time I heard Rage perform. They are absolutely without question _the_ band in TVM!! I heard that they are practicing Tornado of Souls [Megadeth] and Bullets [Creed]. I am NOT gonna miss that when the truck hits the next spot. Watch out for the Metal on about 12 wheels ;-)!

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