Romantic songs

Sonz always used to complain when me and Gautam start singing in class that we don’t have much romance in our soul, and that we don’t sing romantic songs enough.

A briefer into what me and Gautam usually sing: Iron Maiden, Metallica [often ends up in a medley, with me playing the song in my mind and waiting for the drums and guitar and Gautam crusading along :D]. So, then one day I remember she asking us as to what do _we_ think is a romantic song? I remember answering “Heaven” by Bryan Adams, but even then, I felt that the song was not what “I” thought was romantic. I just went with the flow! Ever since then, I have been searching for a song that “I” thought was romantic.

Now, I have 3 songs that I think make up one of the most romantic songs, according to me. They are
[] Love Song for No one by John Mayer
[] Split Screen Sadness by John Mayer
[] A Song for you by The Carpenters

in no particular order. I love the lyrics and the feel of all the 3 songs and find that they are the ones that tingle the romantic soul in me [whatever is in there ;)]

Anyway, I guess I am going to start singing to myself and recording and analysing it!

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